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Business processes without pain

Recently, we constantly hear, no, not about the coronavirus, but about business processes and their automation. Many people want to simplify the workflow, but forget that all this is not about programs and platforms, but about people. Because a properly built workflow means, first of all, the logic actions of team members. That is a chain of actions that are thought out by people and lead to certain results within the company. Within the IT sphere, business processes can be different:

  • one-time (development of an internal product, for example, CRM),

  • repetitive (development of commercial projects, recruitment of staff),

  • fractional (for example, targeted advertising campaign within the same selection of employees).

The most important thing that should not be allowed is chaos, because it is chaos that complicates communication and leads to sad results right before the deadline, if anything can be realized before it.

We will smoothly move from chaos to the pains of business processes - why do they suffer in many companies? Causes:

  • The human factor - punctuality, responsibility of each employee involved (“forgot”, “did not have time”, “put it off “for tomorrow””).

  • Incorrect control - now everyone will ask - but what about the time trackers? Not a panacea! Because counters, on the contrary, limit workers, create discomfort and reduce motivation, since many are sitting at the monitor just to work out the right time or even “wind up” them - is it effective? No! But competently setting the task for the employee and motivating him, that is, effectively delegating authority is a real control. Our team works using trackers only now in the quarantine situation.

  • Difficulties in communication and littered information flow - it is important for information to be freely available to all departments, for each individual employee can make a request to it. Since any company is a unified whole which means, for example, the sales department must understand what is happening in the marketing department and vice versa, and developers simply cannot afford to wage internecine wars with testers.

Therefore, we at Fusion Team begin building a business process, first of all, with the selection of a team. And every day, as a mantra we repeat: “Do not hide the problems, talk about them.” But our practice of conducting regular internships does not contribute to “silence”, on the contrary, it is customary for the team to have a constant exchange of experience and any useful information. And high-quality communication is the painkiller for any business process. Therefore, our advice is simple - communicate more and pay special attention to HR management at the stage of recruiting employees.