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I work remotely or Houston, we have no problem

Remember the Microsoft Office slogan? Your office is where your business needs it to be. It seems that Bill Gates is not just developing software, but also predicting the future. Now, this phrase has become more relevant than ever, and has acquired a completely unambiguous meaning. And almost every business that can afford or is forced to work remotely needs our offices to move home. But working from home is not as easy and simple as it seems at first glance. If you've already thoroughly tasted the “charms” of home offices, then our article will be very, very helpful, since we don’t know exactly how long we will be in self-isolation mode. So, how to work from home efficiently, without problems and without stress.

  1. Organize your work area. Whether it’s a separate room or just a comfortable corner with a table where you can focus on work as much as possible, given the fact that these days the whole family is assembled. Please remember, the sofa is in the room for watching the TV and relaxing, and not for you to lie on it with a laptop
  2. Without a schedule, you will quietly go into non-stop mode. Try to stick to the schedule, start and finish work at about the same time, remember that you have a break, and work issues are to be solved during the working day (except in critical situations).
  3. The heavy artillery is your family, during the quarantine period they become extremely sociable, which means that there is a great chance to constantly be distracted from work. Talk to them in advance to eliminate unnecessary quarrels and insults, and make them sure that you are at work and your office is temporarily moved home.
  4. Do not lose touch with colleagues! In isolation, the level of communication is sharply reduced, but, fortunately, the lack of communication channels is not yet a problem for us. IT colleagues will support that the most effective communication platforms remain: Slack, Skype, Zoom, Trello (for setting tasks and managing projects). But, of course, no one canceled Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email. Lots of variants, the main thing - do not be silent, communicate.
  5. Keep your appearance tidy. Do you allow yourself to come to the office shaggy or without trousers? Before you sit at your table, wash your face, comb your hair, get dressed, clean up, and only then proceed with your planned tasks.
  6. Eye-to-eye contact - not difficult and possible, thanks to video calls. Video calls will help you not to forget what your colleagues and management look like. By the way, this item is closely connected with the previous one - go “on the air” neat and dressed not only in a polo-shirt, but also trousers or jeans! otherwise it’s not far off to get into an awkward situation.
  7. Background - it is also important and should be remembered. Either put things in order in the room, or use the background blur function so that your interlocutors do not have any distractions during the conversation.
  8. Protect your device from pets! Even no comments here.
  9. Take breaks and don't forget to relax. An effective employee is a healthy employee. Work is work, and lunch is scheduled and preferably not in front of the monitor.
  10. Take care of your skills - improve them and learn something new - many platforms have opened free access to their resources. 

This regime will end for most in a month, and the right habits will remain. And remember, everything that limits us, in the end, gives even more freedom and confidence in ourselves and our skills. The main thing is to spend time with benefit and invest it into your development.