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Modern ideas for SMM-promotion

We always talk about technologies, languages and development. But, after all, the product is created for its sale, and the IT sphere itself is nothing without marketing. Today we’ll discuss its actual tactics in IT helping to sell a product and introduce a company in social media.

So, relevant in 2019:

  • Stories.
  • Chat bots.
  • Video advertising.
  • Live broadcasts.
  • Social network improvement.
  • YouTube podcasts.
  • Personal interaction.

Stories. The storytelling theme should be part of a marketing strategy. Content marketing is becoming increasingly popular – try to tell a story about your start, promote your mission and show everyone what “why” is behind your business. It is very important to compile and show the company's history: it causes empathy and an emotional response. What kind of stories will attract attention? Make a video of how your founder shares his memories about starting a business.

Show what is behind the scenes of your business.

Share the details of the processes underlying the work of the company.

Introduce your employees or loyal customers.

All of the above is relevant for platforms such as Facebook, VK, Instagram

Chat bots. They are already conquering the internet. People are used to getting answers and help immediately; chat bots are an easy way to communicate. Therefore, it is simply necessary on the company's website, in groups and business pages of the company on Facebook, VK, Instagram.

Video advertising. Focus on video content, because Facebook, Instagram and Twitter prefer video. This means that the video will have a higher rating and will be shown more often than the photo. Video advertising should become a part of your marketing strategy. The clip can be short - less than 10 seconds - and carry only one important message.

Live Broadcasts. We left Instagram stories in 2018. Now it’s time for Instagram TV, or IGTV! Instagram TV is a live broadcast, like a television report. This is a way to stream small episodes or stream live video. It will interest the viewer no less than live or hot news on TV. The broadcast may be unusual or fun; it is conducted directly from the scene, because it gives you complete freedom and the possibility of maximum confidence.

Social network improvement. How effective is your presence in social networks? It's time to improve your profiles and publication schedules. What is “effective”? The easiest way to audit your accounts is to see what kind of participation you encourage. Do you encourage consumers to meaningful conversations online? Do people comment on your posts and share them?

Do you respond to all their efforts and promote these interactions?

If the answer is "yes", then you work perfectly! If the answer is “no”, then it's time to rethink your social strategy and start creating effective content.

YouTube podcasts. You can offer great, fresh content to audience due to the broadcast of podcasts on YouTube. If you are creating your own podcasts, transfer them to the next level and start shooting your own episodes yourself! Having both audio and video clips will double the content provided. In addition, you invite the viewer behind the scenes and this will attract even more people to your brand.

Personal interactions. The point is to enable more one-on-one interactions. Support is increasingly automated and technologies simplify many processes, but personal human interaction with the client remains important. To help customers stay longer with you and get to know you better, you need to do everything possible to maintain this relationship.

Never miss the opportunity to thank the customer. In your posts or photos in any social networks, mark people so that they feel involved.

If possible, add personal contacts to emails and other official documents.

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