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Wanna become a Top Dev? Build apps!

You can only become a great developer by putting the effort in. Imagine for a moment. Can you become physically fit by reading a lot about fitness? Never! You actually need to go to the gym and put in the hours and sweat! The same concept applies to coding.

Here are some cool projects to train your coding muscles. The goal is to build each app with whatever technology stack you prefer. Keep it conflict-free, use whatever you want!


Project 1. Trello Clone

What you will learn:


Drag and drop.

Creating new objects (boards, lists, cards).

Handling inputs and validation.

Client-side path: how to use local storage, save data to the local storage, and read data from the local storage.

Server-side path: how to use databases, save data to the database, and read data from the database.


Project 2. User Admin Dashboard

Simple CRUD app, great for fundamentals.

What you will learn:

Creating users, and managing users.

Interacting with a database — creating, reading, editing, and deleting users.

Input validation and how to work with forms.


Project 3. To-do App

Really? A to-do app? How many of these are there already? Yes — I know. But hear me out — there’s a reason why they’re so popular. A to-do app is a great way to ensure you learn the fundamentals. Try building it with plain vanilla JavaScript, and then one with your favorite framework/library.

What you will learn:

Creating new tasks.

Validating fields.

Filtering tasks (completed, active, all). Make use of filter and reduce functions.

Understanding the fundamentals of JavaScript.


Project 4. A Messenger Clone (Native App)

Understanding how native apps and web apps work, will make you stand out from the crowd.

What you will learn:

Web sockets (instant messaging).

How native apps work.

How layouts work in native.

Routing for native apps.


Project 5. A Sortable Drag and Drop List

It’s very useful to understand the drag and drop API. It makes you really stand out from the rest if you’re able to create complex apps.

What you will learn:

Drag and drop API.

Creating rich UIs.


These should keep you busy for a month or two, pick something and just build it!