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What hinders your personal growth in IT and not only

Have you ever thought about what is slowing us down and why sometimes we cannot go further in development and rise to new levels? We think it's a good idea not only to share our experience and thoughts but also some of well-known people. Entrepreneur John Mashni analyzed his experience and told about a habit that has been hindering his personal growth and professional development for many years of his life. Just read these very simple, but so deep ideas that may never allow you to be really successful and reach the mountain top.

1. Celebration is the enemy of development

According to John, most people make the same mistake: they start celebrating success too soon. A person often receives sufficient moral satisfaction from little progress, and for him this is a reason to relax. As an example, Mashni cites a story from a book that prompted him to this idea. This is the children's book, The Way of the Warrior Kid, by Joko Willinka, which the entrepreneur read to his son. The story of a boy who could not do anything: count, swim, pull himself up. But one day he gets to visit his uncle, a military man. He takes up the education of his nephew and begins to train him. After some time, the boy pulls himself up 4 times and he is terribly pleased, because he could never pull up so many times. But only his uncle is not happy: the goal is 10 pull-ups.

The meaning of this is quite simple and at the same time extremely powerful: do not celebrate until the work is brought to its logical end.

2. Sell your award

Another story shared by Mashni tells about the ancient Spartan warrior, who became the winner of the competition, like the modern Olympics. For the victory he received an incredibly valuable trophy, decorated with gold and jewelry - a real work of art, a symbol of his victory. The warrior took the trophy, but the next day after the competition he sold it and continued to train. The trophy was only an expression of how other people treated him, but he himself focused only on further development.

3. If you allow yourself a celebration of small successes, this leads to a bad habit, which will prevent you from working with the same pressure. Celebrate only the end of your labors, not milestones.

Indeed - intermediate victories are only small steps on the path to success.

4. Stop saying that you don’t have enough time to do what you want or need. Such complainings will never add minutes in the hour, but they steal even more time that you can spend thinking on what is wrong with your actions, plans, etc. No time means that something is broken in your time management. Think on it!


Never stop, never give up and always stand up when you fall down.