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What Mom Never Told You About Design

As children, we are all instilled with behaviors that seep into everyday life. And your mom gave you tips on creating a website design... Yes, you haven’t misheard.

“Keep it clean”, “Bring it to the end”, “Make to-do list for yourself” and other tips that are applicable in creating a design (well... and in everyday life, too). Think about it: the site must be “clean”, it must be structured to achieve a good result. The site design must be harmonious on all pages (bring it to the end). And, of course, plan your site and user behavior. With a well-designed plan, you can rise to the skies. 

Now let's talk about your mom's other UI/UX design tips.

Learn from others' mistakes!

Our mothers often say, “Learn from other people's mistakes”. In the world of design, this is also true: you need to conduct preparatory work, analyze the work of competitors and find the best and worst solutions. What is needed for this? Ask yourself a few questions.

1. How do others do it? 

We need to conduct regular competitor analysis. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of companies operating in your segment, analyze the effectiveness of the website of these companies, etc.

2. Whom do we do this for? 

You need to identify and describe your target audience in detail to understand your needs even before you contact your customers directly. This has already been discussed in detail in the article "The Way to the client's heart".

3. What results should this lead to? 

The goal should be clearly defined so that it can be easily presented to the performer and discussed to achieve it through design. A SMART approach to setting goals is the best thing you can come up within this situation.

Ideally, the above information should be ready before the start of the project, however, an experienced designer can help with this. In addition to Analytics, he is inspired and draws up a plan, creating mood boards and highlights the main elements of the future design.


Make to-do lists for yourself!

 It is important to know what requirements the design should meet, how it can and should look, and understand the structure and content. Or, as your mother would say “Make to-do lists for yourself”. 

 In the design, the “list” is compiled in the form of a brief describing the goals and requirements for the project. This includes the data we received as a result of analytics: customer profile, competitors, goals, and requirements. It is important to remember that the more information the designer receives, the easier it is to organize his work and the closer to the desired result he will be.

“Learn To Make Friends!” 

It is important to remember that you need to build a relationship with the performer correctly. The “I'll know I like it... when I see the result” approach won’t help here. You need to convey all the information, your vision, and make sure that you are understood correctly and accurately. How?


Verbal communication speeds up the communication process and helps the customer to assess the involvement and understanding of the project, and the designer to ask the right questions.


Briefly write out the details that were discussed during the call (or in-person). This will save you from the “human factor” - you will not forget anything important.

“Play nice!"

A good performer requires minimal control on your part, but you should receive regular updates about the work done. 

There are 2 main aspects when building communication within the project to create the design of your site.

Watch Your Words

The designer needs to explain each solution to the customer in terms of efficiency, and the customer needs to correctly formulate the tasks to help the designer identify the main elements of the future site and avoid the process of making edits to the work.

That Goes For You Too 

Feedback and interest in the success of the project should be the main rules in building communication between the designer and the customer.



Design is an applied business, it seeks to categorize and simplify. A good design can increase conversion and attract new customers. And, as my mother says, learn from other people's mistakes, plan, eat well and you will reach for the sky.

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