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CleverClogs is a platform developed for teaching primary school children various school subjects. At the moment four subjects have been added to the platform: Mathematics, English, Verbal and Nonverbal. A distinctive feature of this project is that the teaching format is similar to school one: when registering a child gets into a particular class (3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th) depending on his age and studies all four subjects. Teaching is provided through passing tests, the content of which is generated in accordance with the success of the student in a particular subject.
The project contains four parts for different users: administrator, student, parent, and teacher. All of them differ from each other by the set of functionalities. One of the most interesting tasks was to implement logic for selecting questions for the student during the test. Questions have three levels of difficulty, and according to how a student answers the questions (right or wrong), the level of difficulty will change and adjust to the student's progress. To do this, we have developed a bank of questions, from which the system itself will take questions of the required level of complexity. In addition, we have created a question builder with many options for users with the admin role: uploading images and audio, setting the level of difficulty, creating multiple answer types, etc. We also developed a character builder - students can customize their character the way they want: change skin, hair and eye color, try on different costumes and change the background behind the character.
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