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IKKFoo is an application for educational and informative content organization. Users create special posts types (prompts, decks) to study topics they are interested in, to discuss them with the like-minded, to remember required information. Posts could be answered on, shared, commented, subscribed to, liked and combined in one compilation.
Our team has started from the designs of the future web application. We’ve developed the backend part of the solution. Client used Bubble.io for the frontend part, so we’ve created some React components for the integration to Bubble’s architecture. The core of the app are schedule and recommender engines that are built on the rules-based approach. Recommender was a set of functions designed to populate a user’s feed with different posts based on the user’s preferences. Scheduler was s part of recommender, the formed list of posts on which users answered before and added them to recommended feed with frequency based on different rules.
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