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The product is a mobile and tablet version of the main site - infoflot.com. The service is a set of pages containing information about the company services that is cruise travelling. Its main task is to obtain a lead's personal info for further processing outside the system.
Our task was to develop a mobile version of the website, which will receive data related to news, prices and tours from the main system API. The critical requirements referred to the loading speed of the application in a browser of a mobile device and the response time on selecting a tour using filtering - not longer than 2 seconds. To meet these we agreed on the architecture consisting of a cache server, a caching database, and a client side. To implement the intermediate server we used: Node.js as the basis for building the server, Express.js framework, which makes it easy to build a server on a Node.js platform, TypeScript to reduce the time for bug detection and simplify future support of the app. We used Redis to implement the caching database. The client side was implemented using: Next.js for server rendering and better performance thanks to the set of internal optimizations, React to simplify working with DOM elements, achieving a modular client-side architecture and working with application state, TypeScript to reduce the time for bug detection and simplify future support of the app Redux to make it easier to work with the internal global state of the app To achieve a modular approach and maintain a component approach we used CSS-in-JS technology for styling. Also, following integrations have been implemented: Jivosite for chat Cackle widget for displaying company reviews from third-party sources
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