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Joyn is a mobile app where people can choose their friends and create communities to address specific mental health problems. With the help of it, users can find a support circle that they may not have in their offline life.
Our task within the framework of this project was to create a convenient and at the same time positive design of the application. First of all, in order to understand the entire mobile application, we began to study the principle of its operation, thanks to which, in the design process, we were able to adjust some of the features of the application logic. The next stage of development was the choice of a color palette. Based on the fact that the application is aimed at working with people with mental disabilities, we decided to use friendly and calm colors. Also, in order to increase user confidence and improve his mood when using the application, we suggested adding illustrations. In addition, since this application includes the communication of various minority groups, and also has to provide high security, we provided the user with a large selection of avatars and the ability to personalize their profile by changing the color palette.
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