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Leora is your virtual self-care coach. A seamless balance of AI-powered listening and clinically validated support. But she’s also so much more. Imagine having a counsellor, ally, coach and confidante – all rolled into one. She asks questions, never judges, and holds an engaging conversation. Chatting via text on web or phone (because that’s how people actually want to communicate), Leora is designed to empower users with self-improvement techniques and mindfulness practises to reframe negative belief systems and to build resilience.
The client had the backend ready and our team was assigned to work on the frontend of the web and mobile applications. We updated the chat section UI and developed all the other parts: signup through an invitation code, onboarding for a first-time user, account section, booking a session with a therapist. As for the mobile app, its frontend was created by our team from scratch including coding custom socket events for the chat section. In the process of working with the project, a web application was tested, including desktop and mobile versions, and a mobile application. As part of this project, we checked only the front, conducting UI testing, cross-browser and cross-platform testings, smoke testing, regression testing. To check the conformity of layout with designs, we used DevTools, Inspect with Chrome for a more accurate check of layout on Android. The functionality of the application implies working only under the user role, which can be of two types, so both types were tested. For comfortable work, test cases were written that allow you to quickly navigate in the future when conducting regression testing. Our project manager's job was to: - make estimation analysis; - cooperate with the client to clarify requirements / update tasks / progress reports (calls / messenger); - prepare the workspace in the task manager (ClickUp) for a productive process; - describe tasks for developers; - coordinate the work of the developer and QA; - interact with DevOps on server issues; - monitor the implementation of tasks and compliance with deadlines.
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