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An online educational platform, on which the user can join a space (community) that’s of interest and become its student. Each space provides multiple courses, so being subscribed the user is able to select the ones to attend that are held as video meetings. Also, course episodes may include various content types - videos, audios, and articles. Skipped a class for some reason? Not a big deal - sessions are recorded, so there is a chance to play it back anytime. Also students can express their gratitude by making voluntary donations to a space.
Our team built the whole mobile app from the ground up using Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL for the server-side, and React Native for the client-side. Also, integrated multiple third-party solutions to provide the necessary functionality as follows: connected and set up Qiniu Cloud for content storage, Ping++ for payment processing, WeChat as payment transferring method. The core feature that is video conferencing was implemented using the Agora API: space owner starts the session via the admin dashboard and students can join using the mobile app. Moreover, the conferencing solution was tuned to allow meeting members to enable/disable their camera, mute/unmute their mic, see the attendance list, and chat with each other. Added push notifications for a set of events using the Pushy library. AWS EC2 was used for deployment. Also, using Node.js we developed the backend for an admin dashboard that allows space owners to create spaces, initiate online classes, and do overall management.
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