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Nonterritorial is AirBnB for the world of art. It facilitates relations between artists, locations where they can exhibit their work, and art collectors. The project sets an ambitious goal to link different art scenes across an international space. Artists can showcase their work by uploading images and videos that exhibition hall representatives would explore and inquire about. Once the artists had their work put out, art collectors, who have acquired a Nonterritorial membership, can review the art available at certain locations and schedule a visit to those that got them interested the most. The project has gathered significant investments from people of art from all over the world. The features to be implemented next include curated art playlists that will help collectors and exhibitors discover the best of the art.
We implemented a flexible server with using the MongoDB database, which is most suitable for flexible projects and startups. It was also implemented server-side rendering of pages for optimal indexing by search engines such as Google, Yandex, and so on. The entire platform is hosted on the Amazon Web Server (AWS) for more productive and faster deploing new changes as well as allowing the client to save money on services with low traffic.
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