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OneZero-me is a web-based service that serves as a financial passport accepted by an emerging number of organizations. Having registered a personal data account, users can upload their scanned ID and other types of documents, so the application verifies them by running optical recognition algorithms. The app then forms the user’s digital identity that is securely stored at Hub-of-All-Things (HAT), a decentralized data storage ecosystem that uses blockchain to ensure the data cannot be stolen or sold to any unsolicited provider. On the other hand, the service offers a GDPR-compliant widget for loan providers and insurance companies. Having received user permission, OneZero-me measures credit or motor scores based on social media data or a quiz, which makes it possible for the partners to predict risks correctly and give the customer the best deal.
We implemented the loan application flow for Vivus Finance, one of Europe's leading microfinance companies. For data collection and storage purposes, the app is integrated with Facebook and HAT API. Having retrieved user data from Facebook, the app securely stores it on HAT and runs assessment algorithms, so Vivus can give a real-time response whether a short-term loan has been approved. The user flow uses Handlebars.js templates with the frontend built with gulp.js.
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