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Sauce (Oodle) is a mobile application for ordering food at your table right in the restaurant. At the time of the active spread of COVID-19 in the world, the application was supposed to solve the problem of close contact between waiters and visitors of restaurants when making an order. The main user flow of the app: the user comes to a restaurant, selects this restaurant in the app, selects what he wants to order in the menu, indicates the number of his table on the checkout screen, pays and waits for his order.
The Fusion Tech team has developed a cross-platform mobile application using React Native and Firebase technologies. Stripe payment service with the ability to pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay was integrated to pay for orders. In addition to the availability of the app in the AppStore and Google Play, our team also had the task of making the app available in the web browsers. To solve this problem, we used the Expo platform, which allows to launch React Native applications through the web browsers.
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