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Mobile SAAS application from the HealthTech category. The owner of the product, using the appropriate authorization code, connects various companies to the system and allows you to use the product. The United Care application also interacts with the CRM developed by the product owner. The company itself is also one of the end users of this system along with other users. The mobile application is used to organize and discover CareGivers - one of the users of this SaaS product. CareGivers have the opportunity to log into the system, see the orders and visits they make. For the convenience of working with the application, the functions of setting up, filling out and viewing documents are used. Necessarily the functional accessibility of cases, the CareGiver can orient selections of orders to him and show his interest or disinterest in them. One of the functions is the clock in/out. This is a kind of verifier that will guard the visit to a private client. CareGiver can only enable the watch on/off feature if its location is for a visit. For implementation, the React Native geolocation service is used. There is also a chat functionality with a supervisor, where you can resolve any issues.
Our task was to write a React Native application for caregivers (iOS and Android) from scratch and then publish it in the Stores. The customer provided us with Design and API specification. To fully test the functionality of the applications as part of the tasks, our experts worked closely with a web part that was implemented by another team. At the moment we're working on the project as a technical support team. We solve emergency tasks, monitor crash and statistics, and periodically add new functionality, for example, if the CRM team updates something on its side. We also test the app monthly for stability.
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