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At this website, the users can find the best connections and book the cheapest tickets for virtually any type of transport available in Germany, including major transport companies like Deutsche Bahn, FlixBus and others. The website visitors can also view timetables for every transportation hub in Europe. The departure and arrival time data is always up-to-date since it is not stored in the website’s database but rather received from direct sources such as official railroad and bus station websites. The data transfer is powered by Crawler2API, the real-time data provider which makes it possible to parse data from public sources when no official API is available.
We have handled the entire development scope. High performance on low-res devices and fast load was the main requirement for the front-end so we’ve chosen to use jQuery and Bootstrap instead of a heavyweight JavaScript framework. On the other hand, the backend handles high loads and was architectured with scalability in mind. We have built out the app upon an Express server which was integrated with the Crawler2API solution.
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