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XPLR provides a new way of searching for, retaining and sharing knowledge that goes beyond simple question-and-answer searches. This single-page application is tightly integrated with existing search platforms, supporting modern collaboration, interactive drag & drop and touch, and dynamic content. Users create rich canvases filled with meaningful information to assist them with their search projects, whether it be for their new work project, travel planning, DIY project or simple intellectual curiosity about a subject. Canvases can be shared with other people. It is possible to collaborate on a search project and see the changes others are making in realtime.
Our company developed this platform that enhances search, from scratch. The project is based on the React and Firebase technology stack, with the React DnD library used to move and group search results together. The data is stored in the Firestore. Thanks to the React-Redux-Firebase library being used, the search results are adjusted in real-time to present improved suggestions and more relevant content. Also, users can flag an item to monitor for new content on a page or related to a topic. Notifications are easily managed.
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