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A Fusion of Ideas and Experience for Creating Powerful Systems - Alexey Ivanov cover

A Fusion of Ideas and Experience for Creating Powerful Systems - Alexey Ivanov

Fusion Tech is a reliable digital partner for more than 60 companies around the world. With their partners, they have been able to deliver innovative and excellent solutions for different business areas. Interestingly, it has been more than five years, and it is just the beginning of fusion of ideas and experience.

In this exclusive GoodFirms interview, Fusion Tech's CEO and founder, Alexey Ivanov, discusses how they empower their clients' businesses by developing smart digital solutions that really rock!

Fusion Tech is a full-cycle web agency based in Armenia with a team of experienced developers aiming to make Customers’ businesses successful. They have worked with large companies with over 10,000 employees to set up their business processes and with small startups to develop projects from scratch.

The Story Behind Launching Fusion Tech

"My partner and I have got rich experience in the digital and business area before starting Fusion Tech," said Alexey. "I remember my first meeting. We were talking about our business vision and digital passion. We had five meetings, and at the end of each, I was more and more confident that we could create a powerful company."

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"Fusion Tech is not just a tech company. It is a child who is growing right in front of your eyes. We grow and expand our business geography every year by working with partners from more than 30 countries," he added.

A Cut Above The Competition

On being asked how would you differentiate your company from the competition? Alexey said, "Feedback from our clients is the best assessment in any competition. We have never investigated our competition because it takes time."

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Impeccable Services and Delighted Clients

When we asked who you generally serve and what percentage of your clients return? The CEO responded enthusiastically, "We generally have a long-term relationship with our partners. Clients are equally interested in all these services."

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The CEO now discusses customer satisfaction. "For now, it's 5 of 5, but we never stop improving our services and skills because, as it's said, there is no limit to perfection," said Alexey.

Here he highlighted a few points:

  1. Top rating and feedback by their clients. You can check it out on Reviews about Fusion Tech on GoodFirms.

  2. Services and apps that were created by their company are growing and developing.

  3. The applications developed by Fusion Tech helped their clients to gain monetary benefits.

Therefore we can observe that the company delivers amazing software development services that have helped it earn a respectable spot on GoodFirms' list of the top software development firms in Armenia.


Backed By Top International Tech Talents

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Easy & Adaptable Client Billing

We asked what payment methods Fusion Tech follows to bill their clients. Alexey said, "For our customers, hourly and fixed payment terms are available."

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The price range of the projects Fusion Tech catered to in 2022 was between $10,000 to $250,000

A review provided below shows the agency's dedication to its customers:

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Predicting Future Growth

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This was an excerpt of the entire conversation; the detailed interview can be read on the company's GoodFirms profile page.

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