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Conversion Centered Design. How to create design that sells cover

Conversion Centered Design. How to create design that sells

Did you know that the interface can resist? And it resists to show the value of the product. By reducing its resistance, we increase the metrics, which means we increase the conversion. This is the main point of conversion centered design.

And it solves only one, but very important task - it increases the number of clicks on the button on the site or in the application. How to create an interface that will sell your products and give the right conversion?

First of all, reduce the cognitive load on the user. What does that require:

  • less text, keep to the subject;
  • clear and understandable CTA;
  • titles no longer than 70 characters;
  • structured and clear navigation.

Next, provide a quick search:

  • the presence of a search in the usual place;
  • possibility of sorting and filtering;
  • offer of similar goods and goods from the "bundle";
  • alternative search (by image, voice).

Now we must convey to the client the understanding of the benefits. For this purpose, these points do an excellent job:

  • a list of distinctive features of the product;
  • details of discounts;
  • comparative table as an aid in decision making;
  • coupons, promotions, loyalty programs.

Help your potential client through:

  • FAQ;
  • chat with support;
  • contact information in quick access;
  • glossary for complex products.

Last but not least, know and understand your customer, they can be classified into the following types:

  • Product Focused (they know exactly what they want);
  • Browsers (kill time);
  • Researchers (thoroughly study everything);
  • Bargain Hunters (in search of benefits);
  • One time (drop-in visitors).