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Spillt: Cooking App cover

Spillt: Cooking App

Today we’re going to talk about a tasty app on iOS that we developed for food bloggers and avid cooking fans who can’t keep quiet about new recipes and are ready to share them with everyone — the Spillt app for our clients Betterfeed Inc. from New York.

Learn more about the functionality of the application.

Spillt helps you at every step of the way, from creating a grocery list to reviewing recipes.

Users can save links to recipes from popular platforms, create collections from them, share cooked dishes with friends and more, leave comments, add new friends, create interest groups, and even organize dinner parties. And food bloggers can grow and promote their blog using the app's functionality, like leaving reviews for used recipes or adding new friends and commenting on their dishes and recipes.

Our task:

  • iOS application development.

It is worth mentioning that the front-end development was initially carried out using Expo and then migrated to React Native to implement a number of features.


  • Use of React Native, Supabase technologies to develop an application.

  • Use of Firebase to implement notification logic more efficiently.

  • Integration with the WP plugin (WordPress) to synchronize data from food bloggers' websites with their account in the application.

The project involved a full-stack developer, a QA engineer and a project manager. More than 3000 hours were tracked on the counter and about 34 screens were implemented. Now we continue to support the application.

And now the most important thing that is expected from each case -  the result and statistics:

  • Over 3,000 users have downloaded the app since its release in June 2022.

  • More than 250 food bloggers have registered on the site.

  • The app has been published to both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • The app has a 5.0 App Store rating and excellent user reviews.

This case is about the pleasure of harmonious interaction with the client, complete mutual trust and systematic work of the manager and developer. Similar stories in our portfolio prevail. Well, we would like to end this short article with a paragraph from a review from CEO and co-founder of Betterfeed Inc., Ann Baum, which she left us without even waiting for the work to be completed:

“We've been working with FT for 9 months now to develop our mobile application. We've been incredibly impressed by their efficiency, and how thoughtful they are regarding our designs. It's very clear that they think through the product from a user's perspective in addition to just meeting the requirements. We would strongly recommend their services to other companies considering using an agency for development – it has allowed us to move faster while maintaining high quality standards.”

The full review is available at the link.