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CloudPano or a case of success and friendship with a client cover

CloudPano or a case of success and friendship with a client

Remember, we told you about the Story Brand method and how to make customers fall in love with you verbally and textually? Today's case is about love, which has been formed just verbally for more than 4 years, about the interaction that led the client to major success and progressively growing profits. That is, the realization of the very goal pursued by the SB method and our company along with it.

 In 2018, we met through the Upwork platform with cool guys from the USA - Zach and Clayton, who came to us with the startup CloudPano, which is now actively growing and scaling. It was from the “look, spark, madness” series, we were so on the same wavelength that we led the guys to their goals with ease and pleasure.

Now about the product itself.

It is a cloud-based 3D panorama service and its main purpose is to allow companies to create and publish virtual tours to improve sales and marketing of products and services. The service is especially popular among real estate agencies, car dealerships, museums and universities and already has an impressive customer base around the world.

We started with finalizing and redesigning the web application, which we now have on technical support, but this was not the end of it, and we created two more mobile applications for them.

Initially, our tasks included:

  • Improvement of user authorization process.

  • Implementation of the password recovery process.

  • Adding file library functionality.

  • Optimization of application functionality.

  • Adding new functionality to expand the capabilities of the product and attract users of different levels (private and enterprise clients).

  • Increasing the level of competitiveness in the market.

Our solution:

  • Using a specific technology stack: WebGL, Three.js, Node.js, React, React Native.

  • Implementation of enterprise rules for individual client groups of the customer for customized provision of application functionality.

  • Implementation of the possibility of integration with any web platform for hosting virtual 360º tours.

  • Implementation of a white-label solution for application users.

During our cooperation, the CloudPano project has shown impressive growth, judge for yourself.

The number of users in 2019 was 3,000, and in 2023 it is 48,000.

The number of tours, which is the main instrument of the product, was 10,000 in 2019, and now it is more than 200,000.

Expansion of areas of demand and application: construction and design.

Profit growth amounted to +1100%.

During this time, we have developed and released new mobile applications:

Well, if we talk about the client base, which we have already mentioned, it is more than 100 corporate clients in the real estate, automotive business and others. Among them are Fox Movie Studios, Audi, Toyota, BMW, Bugatti, Lamborghini, General Motors and Zillow Rentals, Apartment.com and Google Maps. Impressive, right?

And after that, do you still think that the true goal of any company is its own success? Our goal is unequivocally the client's success and building long-term friendly relations, within the framework of which we receive wonderful photographs, exchange gifts, congratulate each other on all state and personal holidays. This is what we strive for with each customer, therefore, according to statistics, 3 out of 5 customers come to us on the recommendation and are ready to return again.

success-and-friendship-with-a-client-case image

By the way, with these guys we took 2 gold and 3 platinum in the prestigious MUSE Creative Awards for the best web application in various categories.

success-and-friendship-with-a-client-case image

And we will finish our case, of course, with an excerpt from the review of CloudPano CTO and co-founder Clayton Rothschild:

“Having worked in tech now for over a decade I can say with confidence that the level and caliber of talent that you get at Fusion exceeds most other people I worked with in my career, and my career included technical consulting at large enterprises. I highly recommend Fusion, everyone there is really technical, really competent, really polite and really professional.”

You can see and listen to the full review here.

Let's sum up. Being one team with the client that is working hard towards a common goal is our default internal mission, which we are always happy and ready to turn into reality, as well as your ideas and technical specifications. For quality services and a warm human attitude, you can safely contact the Fusion Tech team.

Fusion Tech - we appreciate your time.