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Educational Platform for Children


CleverClogs is a platform developed for teaching primary school children various school subjects. At the moment four subjects have been added to the platform: Mathematics, English, Verbal and Nonverbal. A distinctive feature of this project is that the teaching format is similar to school one: when registering a child gets into a particular class (3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th) depending on his age and studies all four subjects. Teaching is provided through passing tests, the content of which is generated in accordance with the success of the student in a particular subject.



  • to implement logic for selecting questions for the student during the test.
  • to develop a dashboard for the parent with detailed statistics on the progress of their student(s).
  • to develop an extensive question builder for student missions and practicums.
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  • we have developed a bank of questions, from which the system itself will take questions of the required level of complexity;
  • we have developed a dashboard where you can see the results of each student completing missions, practices and additional lessons;
  • we have developed a question builder. In it, the user can customize the question and answer blocks, as well as the explanation section for the question. We also added various functionality here, for example, uploading images, .pdf and audio files, choosing the type of answers (choose from the options presented or your own);
  • added tools for editing text in the body of a question or explanation.
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  • character Builder - we developed a functionality that allows students to customize their avatar by choosing costumes, hairstyles, eye color, skin color, etc. 
  • interactive question passing in Missions and Practices.
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