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Krypt is a mobile app serving as a crypto community hub. It features a social network and messenger dedicated to crypto projects with the aim of crypto information sharing purposes. The mission is to educate new investors, thus to increase the number of professional investors, and to improve trust between communities and project teams. Such a hub is essential in the years to come through the evolution and structuration of the crypto markets.
The founder’s original idea was to create an environment for the crypto community. Top priority for the initial release were basic social networking features such as creating communities, posting, commenting, and messaging. There were a number of screens already done, still, not enough to cover all the flows, so our design department was first to act on adding missing screens. Once all were ready full-stack development started. As for the solutions, we used Javascript for both backend and frontend, to be exact - Node.js/Express/Typescript for the server-side and since we aimed at both iOS and Android users, React Native for the client side, Twilio was connected for authorization via phone number, and Sockets for real-time messaging.
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