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Silal is the future shopping and delivery app, inspired by Wolt, Uber Eats, HAAT delivery and others. This ecosystem includes several interconnected apps at once: Buyer Application Driver Application Seller Application Customer Dashboard Management Dashboard The client wanted to add a lot of functionality to the application for different user roles, as well as to create several permissions, not only for mobile devices, but also for tablets, so that it was convenient for everyone to use this product.
Our task was to develop wireframes and subsequent design for five related applications. It was very important to make the structure and connections between the applications so that during the subsequent development of the application (not by our team anymore) the developers would not face the fact that some functionality does not correspond to the client's wishes or contradicts in different applications. The first step was to create wireframes for all applications and confirm each screen with the client. The wireframes included all the possible functionality the client wanted. The second step was to discuss the color scheme, as well as the list of screens that were to be included in the MVP (the design was created only for the MVP). At the end of our collaboration, the client had two files, one with full functionality shown on fairly detailed wireframes. The second file contained the design for the MVP, as well as several resolutions (for the mobile app and for the tablet).
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