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Cooking App

In progress


Spillt App is a mobile (iOS) application for lovers of cooking and recipe sharing. This application allows users to save links to recipes from various blogs and websites, create recipe collections, leave comments, share reviews of the cooked dishes, add friends to society and create similar interest groups. Blogger-creators of the cooking portals will be able to expand and promote their blog through the application functionality.

Mobile App Development &


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Tour Creator Software

In progress


This cloud service enables 360-degree panoramic views and its main purpose is to allow companies to create and publish virtual tours that facilitate the sales and marketing of products and services. The service is especially popular among real estate agencies and already has a large client base.

Mobile App Development

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Crypto Community App



Krypt is a mobile app serving as a crypto community hub. It features a social network and messenger dedicated to crypto projects with the aim of crypto information sharing purposes. Its mission is to educate new investors, thus to increase the number of professional investors, and to improve trust between communities and project teams. Such a hub is essential in the years to come through the evolution and structuration of the crypto markets.

Mobile App Development

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Childcare Booking App

In progress


Childcare Booking App that allows Sitters to find an interesting job and Families to find good babysitters for their children. The verification app system for both roles on the Sign-Up step guarantees only real jobs and real candidates with real interviews as well as certificates' verification. The application has built-in secure payments and the review system that ensures only the best candidate for your child. Chat function makes communication for both parties more convenient and effective.

Mobile App Development

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